Life Coaching


NeoMind Life Coacing helps you to reach all your goals, find direction in your career or your relationship, to look at what's draining your energy and to work with you to overcome what are often long-standing issues, your Life Coach will help you with all aspects of life, such as parenting, social skills, marriage enrichment, stress management, personal growth, conflict resolution, etc.

Life Coaching gives you the confidence to be able to move forward in a positive manner in the areas of their life where you seek change, and through Life Coaching we can rediscover it and learn how to unlock and achieve our full potential.

Life Coaching focuses entirely on what the client wants. A Life Coach can be thought of in the same way as a fitness coach. A personal fitness coach constantly inspires and motivates people to reach their fitness goals. They are someone who challenges and encourages people to go that little bit further and to keep going when the going gets tough.

NeoMind charges 1500HK for each Life Coaching session. Your Life Coach will generally meet you three times a month, once a week for the first three weeks of the month and no meeting on the forth week, it can also be adjusted according to your need, or through phone calls to substitute meetings to suit your life and working style. 

Discuss with NeoMind about your Life Coaching session NOW. The charges will be based on the final sessions needed for the therapy. Each session takes approximately 40min to one hour.