What NeoMind Do

Hypnosis Complements Your Current Weight Loss Program, Nutritional Needs and Exercise Routine

Healthy habits lead to weight loss but knowing it doesn’t make it easy to do. Motivational hypnosis provides a way for you to naturally choose healthier foods, feel better about yourself and lose that extra unhealthy weight. Remove the struggle of weight loss.


Hypnosis Works To Help You STOP Smoking When You Are Finally Ready!

Let your subconscious do all the work and see how remarkably your behavior changes towards cigarettes and smoking. You can return to being a non-smoker. You will be guided into a peaceful session of hypnosis and receive beneficial suggestions directed to your subconscious mind.  The suggestions will include removing the desire to smoke, remaining calm and positive and ending your nicotine craving.  Remove the struggle and internal debate about smoking.


Hypnosis is the Perfect Complement for Pain Management

Studies in major hospitals and research clinics have proven hypnosis is effective to reduce physical pain. You can easily learn how to direct your mind to focus on healing and peace with amazing results.  Simple meditation practices and self-hypnosis can help you feel better, in the comfort of you own home.


Hypnosis for Dentist Avoidance

Do you dread going to the dentist?  Does the thought of a simple dental cleaning or filling a cavity cause you fear or anxiety?  Hypnosis is incredibly successful at alleviating these fears and making the trip to the dentist commonplace.   Self-hypnosis is a simple and effective strategy to get you through a dental appointment.  


Help With College Decisions or Career Decisions

Deciding on a college or career is a big decision.   Numerous factors go into such choices in life.   Hypnosis is a fantastic tool to use to speak with your subconscious mind.    Give a voice to your own inner wisdom.


Heart Health Hypnosis

Your heart has much wisdom to share.   When you suffer from anxiety or cardiac issues, your heart is trying to convey a message and get your attention.   While there is no substitute for proper medical care, hypnosis can be a valuable asset in stress management.   Hypnosis and meditation can take you into your heart to learn what fills you with joy and love.  Filling your life with joy, love and laughter is sometimes the best medicine.   Your doctor's approval or referral is required for Heart Health Hypnosis. "Prevention is the key to longevity and maintaining a healthy heart."  Quote by Dr. David Kavesteen.


Enhance Self-Esteem

Many of us suffer from self-worth issues, in some form or another.   It’s very common.  We have beliefs running in our heads that we are not good enough, not deserving, not smart enough and the list goes on.  Do such thoughts and feelings resonate with you?   Hypnosis can help go into the subconscious mind and delete/uninstall these false beliefs.


Confidence Building

Align with your natural born confidence. We all have confidence, but sometimes we just don’t believe it!  Our thoughts create our realities.  If you believe you are strong and confident, you will experience strength and confidence.   If you lack confidence, you will experience weakness and insecurity.  Hypnosis can easily help you banish those self- imposed restrictions.  Together, we can unleash higher levels of self confidence. Remove the self-restrictions in your thoughts and remove restrictions from your life.


Hypnosis for Stress Management and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are at the root of most physical and emotional problems. Did you know stress contributes to weight issues? When the body becomes stressed, the “fight or flight” response sets in and the body holds onto weight. Hypnosis helps you reduce and manage overall stress levels, to help you have healthier emotional and physical responses. You will learn how remain calm and focused, how to have a positive attitude and learn what brings joy to your life.  Stressful situations are unavoidable. A few hypnosis sessions can provide you with tools to manage daily stresses and live a healthy life. Hypnosis is natural, safe, effective and it WORKS!