Hypertension Therapy

NeoMind's Mission is always in persuing to provide better service to our clients, so to facilitate us with latest therapy methods and continue expanding knowledge and keep the track with the world is one of NeoMind's top priorities.

Your therapist Nastassia Tsuei has finished her training in hypertension therapy with Hypnotension™ and has passed the certification exam and become the first clinical hypnotherapist who has got certified as a practitioner of Hypnotension™ in the whole Asia. ( www.hypnotension.com )

Over 90% of cases of high blood pressure are called Primary or Essential Hypertension because there is no identifiable medical cause, but because of some outside factors such as stress, anxiety, anger etc.. Only the remaining 5-10% of the hypertension cases are Secondary Hypertension which is caused by medical reason such as kiddney problems.

Using Hypnotherapy to cope with hypertension along with medication is the lastest and safest method and the most sought after aide in controlling blood pressure in many advanced western countries because of its tremendous effect. The therapy is aimed in finding out the invisible causes of your high blood pressure, the therapist will then work those causes with you one by one, and help you make changes, lower your blood pressure and make it stay in a healthy range for good. And under your doctor's diagnosis consent and supervison, you may gradually reduce your medication and eventually stop to take any medication.

NeoMind care about your health, contact us for your Hypnotension™ therapy and take back control of your life and become a healthier you NOW.

NeoMind charges 2000HK for each session. Hypertension therapy generally takes 6 sessions for the therapy. Discuss with NeoMind about your therapy session now. The charges will be based on the final sessions needed for the therapy. Each session takes approximately 1-2 hours.