Addctions/Bad habits

Do you have some habits that you know you shouldn't do but you just cant help doing? Such as smoking, gambling, internet gaming, drug abuse, sex addict or nail biting, to name a few. Some of those bad habits will affect your health and your daily life routine and you want to take back your control. You have try to stop them by your own will power but you went back to the old loup not long after.
Hypnotherapy is a effective way of changing your old bad habits that you no longer want to have, helps you get rid of them easily and take back control of your own life.
NeoMind charges 2000HK for each session. Changing bad habit therapy generally takes 3 sessions for the therapy. Discuss with NeoMind about your therapy session now. The charges will be based on the final sessions needed for the therapy. Each session takes approximately 1-2 hours.